When you’re dead in the water

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Sometimes everything goes wrong. You have your plans, your backups, your schedule, you’re prepared…and then something happens anyway. Something significant enough to cause set backs. Maybe for 5 minutes, maybe for 5 days. Maybe more.

What do you do when that happens?

I haven’t been around the past week for a few reasons. Although, it really should have only been one reason. I was having ocular migraines pretty much nonstop and they prevented me from doing anything that involved a screen.

Which, cool, I only just launched a new product last week so of course, right?

And then, on Monday I convinced myself to log on anyway to try to get some emails out (not easy by the way) and found out the video fan on my laptop wasn’t working. Even if I had wanted to do more than send an email, I couldn’t. There’s no way I was risking my laptop overheating and causing damage. I rely very heavily on Photoshop for my work, so that was clearly a no go.

My business stopped. Complete standstill.

Suddenly, I was looking at the possibility of an expense I didn’t see coming. And then, my school told me I HAVE to enroll in a class this fall term by TONIGHT or I will be removed from the program. I was planning on waiting until the winter term, so there’s another $850 that wasn’t planned either.

I spent all night wondering how I was going to pull together up to $4,000 out of nowhere without completely draining savings before my husband goes back to school too. I stress baked a loaf of cheese bread. I bought an enormous bin of gummy worms to make me feel better too.

I have a desktop, but it’s old and hasn’t been used in a few years. It needs a thorough cleaning before I can really do anything with it. Think toddler with chalk. So either way, it was a trip to Canadian Tire to get me some compressed air. Thankfully, opening up my laptop and cleaning the ever living hell out of my fans seems to have done the trick. My laptop now passes diagnostics and I think I’m back. We’ll see. It’s been like 10 minutes.

For now, I’m just going to be cautiously optimistic and assume that a $15 can of air saved me potentially thousands. Doesn’t help with school, but one thing at a time.

Anyways, because of all this lovely nonsense, I had extended the sale on the new Halloween Spiroglyphics until tonight. While I was unfortunately not able to promote them much, at least I can share them again now! You can still save $7 today with code SPIRO10.

Halloween Spiroglyphics product image showing a blank spiroglyphic transitioning to a finished spiroglyphic with a castle and bats

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And I believe that is it from me today. I still have to run some damage control and deal with an overflowing inbox. My eyes are still pretty screwy too, so we’ll see how the rest of this week goes in general.

Stay awesome,


p.s. Don’t forget to grab the new Halloween Spiroglyphics by tonight to save $7 with code SPIRO10.

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