What Should You Create First – The Newsletter or The Subscriber Base?

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Should you start with a newsletter or build your audience first?

Sometimes it’s hard to even know which came first, right? However, it’s a challenge you need to ask yourself if you’re going to put all of your energy into a specific topic. Is it more important to you to be an expert and have a more knowledgeable audience, or would you rather have an enthusiastic audience and reach a wider range of people?

After all, an enthusiastic audience is what gives you the drive to keep creating valuable content. But there are other reasons why it’s worth being an expert first – first time visitors are more likely to return if they have a trusted authority figure to welcome them back.

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Know your subject matter

The subject you delve into will likely depend the confidence you have in how good your writing skills are. An obvious way to start would be to write about things you already know a lot about.  People like to see new products or ways to solve problems, so, if you’re already knowledgeable in this area, there will likely be good opportunities for you.

But do people care about what you want to write about? If you want to create a subscription, is the subject matter in your newsletter interesting enough to people so they want to pay you for it?

You always want to check and see if what you’re building is something people want and if there’s an audience for it. Really dig in and research your chosen topic thoroughly.

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Do your research

Look for forums, Facebook groups, blogs and other newsletters to gauge how many people are already interested in the topic. There is no point in wasting your time writing about something people aren’t interested in.

Writing a newsletter isn’t the same as writing a blog post (although you can post your newsletter on your website), so keywords aren’t as important to use in your content but doing some basic keyword research can give you some insight to the level of interest in your topic.

To check that you’ve picked a well-researched and commercially viable topic, use a keyword tool to run some search queries and see if there are thousands monthly searches or just a handful. I recommend using Ubersuggest, it’s very user friendly and easy to navigate.

If you find that your area of expertise isn’t really appealing to a lot of people, it’s a good idea to move on and look for a topic with broader appeal. If you really want to start a newsletter, getting over not being an expert is way easier than not having an audience.

Scan the questions in forums and groups to see if they ask about topics you know. Can you answer these questions and write about these topics? Do you have something in mind for your newsletter that will be unique and innovative?

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Plan your content

Considering a newsletter schedule is important. You need to think about how often you will be sending it out and how much content is needed to keep up with your schedule. You might want to start brainstorming a few content ideas you can focus on in the next couple of months. That way, you’ll know if you’ll have enough content to cover your schedule.

If you are having a hard time coming up with content, another great option is to look for PLR content that you can repurpose as newsletters. Most providers offer a freebie so that you can judge whether or not their packages are worth the investment. Piggy Makes Bank offers a fair number of free PLR packs in multiple niches that you could easily adapt to a newsletter.

When all is said and done, you have to find a way to balance three factors. Basically, this is about making money. So, make sure you can monetize your topic, that you’ve found an enthusiastic audience and that it’s a topic that you yourself can be enthusiastic about to write a high quality, value packed newsletter.

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What should you create first – the newsletter or the subscriber base?

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