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It’s been an interesting few months in the world lately. As I’m sure you’ve heard or experienced, sales are kinda all over the place for many people. I chose a weird time to quit my job and go full time with my shop, but I did it anyway. Part of that was lowering my prices. I reevaluated my pricing structure and dropped the price of pretty much everything in my store a couple of months ago. Better for you, better for me, better for anyone struggling with their business right now.

I would much rather lower my prices to help out another small business because I get it, there’s only so much cash to go around. Plus, I’m more likely to make a sale that way as well, it’s a win win. And honestly, it’s all digital products. A lower price isn’t exactly hurting my inventory. Wouldn’t you rather make a couple of sales than none at all for something you aren’t really losing money on when it sells?

And this is why I’m glad Lizzy Goddard came out with a new training, Small But Mighty $9 Offers. She explains why lower priced offers can be super beneficial to your business and how you can get started with them. The best part? This training is just $9, because of course it is.

Take what you learn, create your own offer and make one sale to cover the cost of this training. Boom, you’re off to a great start.

While on the topic of lower prices, don’t forget to check out my new 2023 printable planner too. You can get this planner, with all 5 designs and 150 digital papers, for $10 off right now with code SUCCULENT. Go check it out and let me know which design you like the most!

For all of the aspiring (or far too busy) PLR sellers out there, Gabby has a new offering today that’s perfect for you. Even if that isn’t you, she still has options. You can get a big bundle of templates with Master Resale Rights, perfect for the PLR sellers, OR you can get them with just regular PLR rights. Plus, if there are just one or two templates that you want you can grab just those as well.

They’re all at a special price right now, just use the following codes:

  • mrr200 to save $200 on the Master Resale Rights bundle
  • mrr10 to save $10 on individual Master Resale Rights packs
  • plr150 to save $150 on the PLR bundle
  • plr10 to save $10 on individual PLR packs

Grab ’em while they’re at a great price!

Rayven has a new colouring page set out too, just in time for Halloween. Grab the Helluva Halloween Party pages for just $17 with code HELLUVA.

Want more Halloween colouring pages? The Color My Holidays bundle is still available. With the premium bundle, you can snag over $1,200 worth of PLR colouring and activity packs for cheap. Of course, if you only want the training or only the products, it’s even cheaper and well worth it. Not to mention my bonuses!

If you grab the colouring bundle OR the training bundle through my link, I’ll give you 50 Isometric Mazes (as shown below). If you grab the premium bundle, I add one bonus from the bonus page on top of the mazes as well. Redemption instructions will be in your Coloring Galaxy member dashboard immediately after purchase.

Want even MORE value? How about 13 products for just $7? Meet the Content Creators is back with it’s second round to introduce a bunch of the wonderful Kitchen Sink Mastermind creators. I wasn’t able to participate this time around, but trust me, it’s a good group!

Here’s what they’ve got for you today:

  • 2022 Digital Fall Bucket List (PLR)
  • Are you in Overwhelm or Just Overbooked? Course (Personal Use)
  • Marketing Lies & How The Lying Internet Marketing Liars Tell Them (Personal Use)
  • Confidence Coloring Journal (PLR | Canva Templates)
  • Birthday Calendar (PLR)
  • Digital Flashcards (PLR)
  • 2023 Dated Wall Calendar Template
  • 2022-2023 16-Month Digital Planner (PLR/Canva Templates)
  • Fitness Planner Canva Template (PLR/Canva Templates) 
  • Lovely Lavender Journal
  • Art Deco Diamonds Paper & Frames Bundle (PLR)
  • The Perpetual Digital Planner (PLR)
  • 2023 Watercolor Weekly Lined Planner

Now, off to Procreate to work on my next product! Hint hint, the design involves paper cut effects, you’ll love it.

Stay awesome,


p.s. As a random side note, I’ve been mentioning Procreate a lot lately. If you’re interested in the app and own an iPad, I highly recommend checking out Freya’s Procreate Masterclass that was just updated and is currently on sale. You can save $25 with my code too, REFKNQA54DF2M. This will work on anything in her shop, but the masterclass is a very good starting point for anyone new to the app. You’ll learn how to draw too so it’s not just for full blown artists 😉

I’m not even an affiliate, I just enjoy her stuff and have a referral code as a past customer.

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