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It’s been nothing but rain here the past few days and it’s supposed to keep raining for the next week or so too. Personally, I love the rain, but my husband is already hating being stuck inside. Our daughter seems to have a cold though, so he’s stuck either way!

I am behind on things again, as there has been a family emergency on my husband’s side and we’re still playing things by ear since we’re in Alberta and they are in Ontario. With this weather though, I was hoping to get a bit more caught up. But when it rains it pours, quite literally.

I just want to point out a few fun things today and then I have to get back to making some more bonuses. I know, it’s about time isn’t it? I have already added one new one and more are on the way. Hopefully today and tomorrow.

First up, as I am sure you have heard, BC Stack 2022 is now live. I won’t beat you over the head with it, here’s just a quick overview to pique your interest:

  • 65 courses teaching you how to do the things that are currently holding you back from making a full-time income.
  • 30+ Facebook Live calls from many of the experts in this bundle.
  • The chance to get a $500 grant for your business.

Grab BC Stack through my link, and I will give you access to Public Domain Files. This is a simple, affordable, and time saving service that helps you find free public domain ebooks, comics, music and US government documents for your projects. Please send me your receipt after purchase along with your username to Foxlike Files so that I can add it to your account manually once I verify the purchase.

If you pre-bought through my link, just let me know and I will add it to your account too.

My new Digital Stickers set, Whimsical Pastel, is still available for $5 off with code WHIMSY5. That’s a total of 786 stickers with matching digital papers, too.

Jan has released a really neat new planning kit. The Niche Planning Kit has over 50 unique pages helping you to select and validate the perfect niche and take the first steps in planning products and content. This is great if you are looking to start a new site or break into a new niche. It comes as both Canva and PowerPoint. You can save over $17 with code NICHE.

This qualifies for one bonus from the bonus page. Redemption instructions will be in your member dashboard immediately after purchase.

Faith has just opened up a brand new Canva template membership. It’s a LOT all at once in the best way possible. Instant access to over 75 templates, a library of Canva tutorials and 4 premium trainings worth almost $2,000. There is an upfront fee since you get immediate access, but then it’s a very cheap monthly cost. Plus, you can save $100 off the entry fee right now with code UNLOCK97.

Join through my link and I will give you a $37 coupon to the shop. Just forward me your receipt and I will send it over to you as soon as I confirm the purchase.

Rayven has also just released a new set of Vikings Coloring Page Designs. You get 30 beautifully designed and detailed pages for just $27 with code VIKINGS.

This qualifies for one bonus from the bonus page. Redemption instructions will be in your member dashboard immediately after purchase.

And now, off to make some more bonuses!

Stay awesome,


p.s. Are there any particular bonuses you want to see? Maybe some different designs of current ones or something completely new? Just reply to this email and let me know.

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