Things are ending, things are starting and things are sprained 🦶

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It’s Sunday! I’m half excited, half already exhausted. The 30-Day Business Plan Summit starts tomorrow, where I’ll be talking about how you can profit off of someone else’s work. It’s completely free to attend and I’ll be in the chat box at 1pm (Eastern) to answer any questions. Plus, all of the speakers are giving attendees some free gifts! You can still register early and jump in on the Facebook group for some free coaching too.

So that’s why I’m excited! Buuut I’m going to be incredibly busy this week. I’ve got several doctors appointments to see what’s up with my heart and adrenal glands. Plus, my husband sprained his ankle very badly at work yesterday. It looks like he’s got a softball stuck to the side of his ankle. He can’t drive and definitely can’t walk without crutches. I may have to take time of work to take care of our daughter since I don’t expect him to chase after a toddler in his state.

Since I may have very sporadic access to my laptop this week, I’m going to cover more than usual today.

First up, it’s the last day to get the CCC Toolbox. That’s over $2,000 worth of trainings and PLR products for only $27. I’ve got a set of 100 isometric mazes in this bundle, so my bonus is 400 sudokus, 400 ABC paths and 400 Hitori puzzles. They’ll be in your member dashboard immediately after purchase.

Second, Free Affiliate Funnels launched this weekend. This is a really interesting opportunity to break into affiliate marketing or ramp up your game. Kevin Fahey is offering up 10 high converting marketing funnels and best-selling products that you can promote as your own and keep 100% commissions of any sales that you make. All of these funnels start with a freebie, so you don’t even have to do any real selling. Just drive traffic to the free offers and Kevin will take care of the rest. It’s currently on a dime sale, so check it out ASAP to get the best price. You’ll get one bonus from my bonus page if you buy through my link too.

Third, speaking of affiliate marketing, Charles Harper has released his latest set of video tutorials, Affiliate Marketing Masterclass. This is very different from most courses on affiliate marketing. You will learn the technical side of things, like link cloaking, creating bonus pages and even creating 3D images of those bonuses. Remember, these come with full PLR so you can turn around and teach it yourself too. Grab them now at the lowest price as they’re on a dime sale too.

Finally, I will be starting on some new bonuses and products soon. I have a feeling my plans will be thrown very much out of whack this month with my husband on crutches, but June will be a game changer for me. Honestly, all I want to do this week is get my inbox under control!

I hope your week goes smoothly 😊

Stay awesome,


p.s. I’ll see you at the 30-Day Business Plan Summit tomorrow, get registered now (it’s free).

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