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So the can of compressed air didn’t save me after all. Unfortunately, my laptop had to be sent in for repair and I’m waiting to hear back on what it’s going to cost. My desktop has, of course, crashed on me as well. Because honestly, what else can go wrong at this point?

I had wanted to spend the first half of August getting myself set up for my trip to Ontario next week. Instead, I have gotten basically nothing done business-wise and will probably just be stressed out during the whole trip. We’re just seeing family though, so at least I can still try to get some work done. I’m relying on an iPad at the moment, so it isn’t perfect but it’s somewhat doable.

I’ve been trying to look at the upside to all of this. While, yes, I have taken quite the financial blow, there have been some perks. I spent most of last week just spending time with my husband and daughter and getting some baking done. I have also had some time to just play around with Procreate, which is a great distraction. Plus, it’s giving me ideas for new products!

At this point, I’m playing everything by ear. I don’t know how much I‘ll be emailing or if I’ll be able to get products released. Thankfully I have a keyboard for my iPad but not having two screens or a desktop version of Chrome and other apps is killing me a bit. Honestly, I just dropped my iPad while typing this because I’m not use to typing on it. Just in case I need one more piece of technology to break on me (it’s fine).

In the meantime though, I can still share a few things that have popped up lately, even if I am super behind on everything.

Sasha has a really fun new Canva template bundle out right now. This is a huge pack of 85 Handprint and Footprint Templates. These are such a great idea for anyone with littles and they work so well for holidays and events. My husband’s heart would explode if he got any of these right now. Kids love to get messy and parents love to get homemade gifts. Win win.

You can grab this set on sale for just $19 too. Plus, it even comes with 4 listing images so that you can get your new products up for sale even quicker.

Christina has a fun set out too! Her new School Fairies Coloring Pack comes with 16 images and 4 word searches. Gotta love that she’s including some word searches with this one. You can save $10 on this pack until Monday.

Alessandro has a new training out and I’m pretty psyched for this one. With 6 Page Ebook Empire you will learn how to create tiny books that are simply just asking the reader 10 questions. That’s it. You can get these made and published on KDP within an hour and Alessandro is going to show you exactly how to do it. This is a very easy way to break into another market and, as always, very reasonably priced.

And last but certainly not least, it’s a brand new month for Ruthie’s Coloring Patterns Monthly membership. That means a brand new batch of patterns and a discount on the monthly fee. Use code NEWMONTH to bring the price down to just $5/month for 25 unique patterns every month. This deal is only available until Sunday though, so jump on it while you can.

Now, it’s off to Procreate!

Stay awesome,


p.s. I’m still working my way through emails. If you are waiting to hear from me, I promise I haven’t forgotten, I will get back to you soon.

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