Last chances on Father’s Day

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Yesterday was my daughter’s second birthday. Today is Father’s Day, but my husband is working. So, it’s been busy and I’ll make this real quick since I don’t want you to miss out on these deals that are ending tonight.

My new Digital Sticker pack is still $5 off with code WHIMSY5, but this is the last day to grab it at launch pricing. It’s a big pack of over 750 stickers with matching digital papers. This makes it really easy to customize any digital planners you already have to create a matching set. Or, just sell/giveaway the stickers as is! People on Etsy love just straight up sticker packs.

BC Stack 2022 ends tonight as well. Here’s a quick overview:

  • 65 courses teaching you how to do the things that are currently holding you back from making a full-time income.
  • 30+ Facebook Live calls from many of the experts in this bundle.
  • The chance to get a $500 grant for your business.
  • Surprise bonuses

This is a bundle that is always well worth the cost to help grow your business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have either, there is something for every entrepreneur. In most cases, just one course will cover the cost. If you see just two or three that you want, your costs are covered. Not to mention the value of the 40+ days of office hours and the chance to get a $500 grant.

There’s a reason everyone makes a huge deal over BC Stack.

I’ve gone through the course list and these are the ones I’m going to be digging into first:

  • Build a 7-Figure e-Commerce Business with Ugly Mug Millions
  • Explode Your SEO Traffic With Quality Backlink Building
  • How To Use TikTok With or WithOUT Showing Your Face To Grow Your Online Business
  • Create 5 High Demand Printable Products To Sell With Canva

There’s also a set of PLR Content Bundles from Piggy Makes Bank, that’s 120 professionally written articles.

Oh and another awesome inclusion? Debbie Gartner’s Email Profitability Calculator. Which I already had, of course.

Grab BC Stack through my link, and I will give you access to Public Domain Files. This is a simple, affordable, and time saving service that helps you find free public domain ebooks, comics, music and US government documents for your projects. Please send me your receipt after purchase along with your username to Foxlike Files so that I can add it to your account manually once I verify the purchase.

If you missed it, or don’t want to spend the full amount, you can pre-buy next year’s BC Stack for just $27 right now too. You will get whatever my bonus will be next year as well as soon as the bundle is released.

Stay awesome,


p.s. There is a lot to love about BC Stack. There is something for every type of business, from podcasting and printables to social media and SEO.

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