Customize PLR to Match Your Needs – Making it Your Own

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Spend the time to customize your PLR so that it fits with your company or business

PLR content is created by experts in specific fields who write in a general voice in order to make the content useable for a wide variety of consumers. When it comes to creating content, among the most popular options are using pre-written PLR material. This includes eBooks, blog posts, reports, articles, emails and even social media posts. With this type of content, you can reach your audience without having to put in as much work as if you were to write from scratch, saving you time and money.

However, when you use PLR yourself, your audience is smaller and more niche-focused. This means you may want to customize your PLR content and add your own personal touch – your readers will be more likely to enjoy the content this way.

PLR is extremely adaptable

Something that’s really great about PLR is that it adapts well to your individual needs. All you have to do is modify the content the way you want and you’re set! From editing it to completely rewriting it, you get to decide how you will use it. Some people choose to use bits of pre-written content to fill in their own blog posts or articles, breaking it up and scattering the information. This is also an easy way to repurpose PLR content.

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Keep in mind the suggested use cases

PLR is often generated with a specific purpose in mind. Make sure to take note of the author’s recommendations and suggestions so that you can use PLR to its maximum potential. A purchased PLR item will most likely give you ideas on how to use your PLR and many businesses have FAQs, articles or Facebook groups for PLR users. Online groups can be very helpful at coming up with new ways to use PLR or for users share their methods. You can learn a lot of great ideas by just listening to what they have to say.

Give loyalty to your favourite content providers

If you like what a PLR provider is doing with their work, keep a close eye on them. If they have a membership program or an all access pass, sign up. By remaining loyal to providers that provide the styles and level of quality that you want, you’ll be able to be much more consistent. This can also reduce the amount of time needed for editing to ensure your personality is coming through.

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Keep reusing and repurposing your PLR

Content is useful for all kinds of things and PLR content is no different. It’s not a one shot deal. You can modify and reuse it as much as you like. Keeping content fresh is as easy as making minor changes here and there. Your investment will go much further with PLR than single-use content.

Break up an Ebook into an epic blog series and then use the Ebook as a lead magnet. Use bits and pieces as social media posts. Take chunks of articles and use them in planners, journals and workbooks. The options are endless.

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For example, a great resource for repurposing colouring pages is Ruthie’s course, Creative Repurposing. She teaches you how to work with them, how to use them and how to create many different products from them. If you happen to buy through that link, you are eligible to claim a bonus from my bonus page as well.

PLR content is written in a more general way to appeal to most people. Show how unique you are by adding your personality with a professional voice. This will help with branding and make a better impact on customers, representing you and your business at its best. Don’t be afraid to tailor and adjust PLR for your needs. Think of it this way: it’s the same content but now it’s uniquely yours. You are still providing great content, but building your brand and a loyal audience at the same time.

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Customize PLR to Match Your Needs – Making it Your Own

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