Are Facebook groups and masterminds really worth it?

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So I was browsing through the many Facebook groups that I’m in the other day and came across a post that I simply HAD to comment on. The gist of it was that this woman was wanting to hear from people about how Facebook groups, masterminds, memberships and other types of support like this were impacting their business.

And let me tell you, I could have rambled for quite some time. You see, when I first started my online endeavours, I had zero intention of making friends. It wasn’t even something I thought about being a possibility because I’m so much of an introvert that it didn’t occur to me that of course I would end up talking to others.

But then I joined Facebook groups with other business owners. And I joined some memberships. And some masterminds. And well, I couldn’t imagine where I would be without them.

I wouldn’t be a speaker at the upcoming 30-Day Business Plan Summit. I wouldn’t have found some of the best applications that I now use everyday and love. I wouldn’t be involved in so many things that help me succeed.

And this is all I thought about when reading this article that notes how people are spending less time on Facebook. But it doesn’t matter. The people you need are still there. Your audience is still there. I haven’t used my personal Facebook profile in literally years. But, I am on there many times throughout the day checking in on certain groups. There is always something to learn, something to connect with and someone to talk to.

So I’m curious, how much of an impact have groups like these made on your business? Which ones could you not imagine living without?

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And if you read the beginning of this email, this is why I want to do a Facebook group! Make some friends, create some accountability, build our businesses together!

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