Public Domain Files

Public Domain Files

No more hunting for public domain resources

Public Domain Files is a simple, affordable, and time saving service that helps you find free public domain ebooks, comics, music and US government documents for your projects.

All in one place

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend every day on doing things that don’t really matter?

Don't waste your time going to every site to find your content, Public Domain Files gives you ready links to the best sites to find your public domain resources. Simply enter in your search term in the search bar and PRESTO, you have all the resources in one place!

Save time and money

There's no need to spend hours on Google trying to find the resources you need that are allowed for commercial use. Public Domain Files automatically finds free ebooks, comics, music and US government documents so you don't have to waste time looking for them or money paying for them. In seconds you can search over 45 resources at once, download the files you need, and start working on your project right away!

Say goodbye to pricey membership sites, and hello to completely free options for a fraction of the cost. With just one lifetime payment, you can use Public Domain Files for as long as you want without any additional fees or limitations.

Unlimited use

You get unlimited use of this amazing resource with your account. You can use it for whatever you want - whether it's for your own business, personal use or to promote for another company - the choice is yours.

Easy & intuitive interface

Public Domain Files has an easy-to-use interface that even the most stubborn of people will be able to get the hang of in no time. The intuitive design means that everyone can find what they're looking for in just a few clicks!

If you're a writer, a business owner looking for content assets, a blogger or even a researcher, you'll find something of use here. With over 45 resources to choose from in just one click, you'll be set for years without running out of material.

Take your content to the next level

In addition to the vast resources of public domain files, you will also get access to a sales letter generator and an opt-in page generator so that you can easily create professional looking content from your generated research without any hassle.

Sales Letter Generator

If you want to get paid for your public domain files research, use the sales letter generator to make perfect sales pages for your generated results.

Opt-In Page Generator

Say you're all about public domain research and you're not shy about giving away free leads. This software is perfect for you! In just a few clicks, you will have generated an opt-in page, with sign up form, that goes with your public domain files leads.


  • Access to millions of free ebooks, comics, music and US government documents with just one search
  • Automatically generated html file with over 45 direct links to the resources you need
  • Completely online application, meaning no installation and no OS restrictions
  • Lifetime access and unlimited searches
  • 2 bonus applications included to monitize your research
    • Sales Letter Generator
    • Opt-In Page Generator

Please note that coupons cannot be used on software products unless explicitly stated.

You will receive instant access to the applications from your member dashboard once payment has been completed.



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