A couple of great new releases (+ bonuses) and last chance!

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I‘m just popping in real quick tonight as my toddler is currently distracted and dinner is in the oven.

I wanted to send out a reminder that you can still get my new 2023 printable planner for $10 off right now with code SUCCULENT. It’s the last night to grab it at the launch price though, so hop to it!

Next up, Alessandro has just released Public Domain Empire 5! This is a huge deal, as it’s one of his best selling products. I own all 4 previous versions and learn something valuable from each one. I love using public domain resources for my work. There is a LOT of great stuff out there for free that you can use in your own business. Graphics, books, stock photos, lots of stuff.

Here’s what you he’ll walk you through:

  • Everything about public domain rights.
  • 192 websites to find public domain works.
  • Links to the 55,000 public domain releases for 2022.
  • The top public domain materials of 2022.
  • 10 secret methods to make sales (all new!)
  • Many more ideas!

If you pick it up through my link, you will get one bonus from the bonus page. You will also get one bonus for each upsell too. Redemption instructions will be in your W+ account immediately after purchase.

Finally, Christina has some awesome Halloween colouring pages out. I’m a sucker for Halloween and the Silly Mini Monsters & Sweet Treats is a great collection of images to make your own custom colouring pages. Definitely check them out at a discounted price until the 29th. Plus, if you grab them through my link, you get one bonus from the bonus page.

Stay awesome,


p.s. As a random side note, I’ve been mentioning Procreate a lot lately. If you’re interested in the app and own an iPad, I highly recommend checking out Freya’s Procreate Masterclass that was just updated and is currently on sale. You can save $25 with my code too, REFKNQA54DF2M. This will work on anything in her shop, but the masterclass is a very good starting point for anyone new to the app. You’ll learn how to draw too so it’s not just for full blown artists 😉

I’m not even an affiliate, I just enjoy her stuff and have a referral code as a past customer.

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