6 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Important to Your Blog

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Here’s why you should use graphic designs on your blog

Out of the 1.9 billion websites in the world, 600 million of them are blogs.

That is a LOT and it raises some internal questions.

How are you going to grab the attention of your target audience?
How do you get that audience to visit your site?
How do you get them to recognize you as a trusted expert in your niche?

In a nutshell, graphic design.

Graphic designs are the most effective way to increase your website’s conversion rate.

They can make or break a website.

A good blog post should have both well-written and helpful content and visuals that make it easier for readers to get an idea of what the post is about.

Using great graphics is a proven way to increase sales. Customers also appreciate this, which means you’ll have goodwill lined up right from the start!

Here are six good reasons why you should include graphic designs on your website or blog:

1. Graphic designs increase traffic to your website.

According to this study, 94% of consumers will leave a website that has a poor design.

Your website is your central hub for success. Your goal is to make people visit your site. The higher your traffic, the higher your conversion rate will be (the percentage of visitors who take action on your site).

Graphic designs are a great way to spice up your website and make it look professional. They make you stand out amongst those other 600 million blogs and show off your unique voice and style, which will make people want to read your content.

For example, if you’re looking for an apartment online, wouldn’t it be better if the listing had impressive graphics that made it stand out from the rest? Many users want to improve their ads and draw the attention to themselves. Graphics can help to accomplish this.

The same goes for your website. The more attractive and appealing your visual elements are, the higher your traffic.

2. Graphic designs enable you to tell your story more effectively.

A lot of people are visual learners.

Text can be easily skipped over and forgotten almost immediately. But when you see images, they remain in your memory for much longer periods of time.

If you’re trying to express a complicated idea or narrative, graphics can be the best way to get your point across. They simplify topics and help anyone understand them better.

When you combine both text and images in your content, the design becomes more engaging for readers. This makes it easier to grab their attention and deliver an even stronger message.

3. Graphic design makes text easier to read and digest.

Content overload has created a new kind of reader who will only skim your content, which puts an emphasis on catering to this type of audience.

But this shouldn’t stop you from communicating with your audience.

Using images or other visuals is the perfect workaround to this behavior of scrolling frenzy.

Just imagine blogs posts that are all written in paragraphs of endless text without any images or graphics to speak of. That would make for a boring reading experience, with everything interpreted by your imagination. Would you bother to read the whole thing?

Probably not. You’ll leave that post in the dust and look for a different blog that easier to read and more engaging.

4. Images make online content sharing easy.

GIFS, memes and viral videos have become a staple of the Internet. People love to share fun content that’s informative and interesting on their social media accounts.

These images and videos convey messages and tell stories in a few seconds instead of the minutes it would take to read through written content.

By utilizing a few visuals in your content, you can dramatically increase the people who share it.

When you use eye-catching graphics or images, you make your content more appealing and have a greater chance of being shared across social media sites.

This will also help other bloggers and site owners to see your content. This could give them the incentive they need to link back to your post.

Which leads right into reason 5 for using graphics on your blog.

5. Visuals increase credibility and improve search engine optimization.

SEO has become a staple of modern business. This is the process of making your website visible to search engines like Google so that you can be found by your target audience.

Graphics and visuals can give your content more credibility and improve SEO because search engine users are more inclined to click on links where there’s an image rather than just plain text.

By including images, you make it easier for search engines to find the post, which will help you to rank higher on the results page. This ultimately increases the chances of people finding and clicking on it.

6. Graphics build brand awareness.

Websites that aren’t well-designed can make people think of them as unprofessional and unreliable.

Many websites and blogs neglect to use graphics or use graphics that seem like they were last minute. Are they getting any traffic? Nope.

Keep your blog posts visually engaging with captivating pictures that exemplify the essence of your brand.

Having professional looking visuals will also make your blog stand out among the competition.

People are more likely to come back for your next post if they like what they see and may even share it with their friends.

Taking time to carefully design your brand is crucial in order to increase trust among current and potential readers. Never underestimate the importance of branding when promoting yourself or your blog online!

Long story, short:

The power of graphics goes beyond aesthetics.

As they are the key element that gives your message visual appeal and reinforces the content, graphic designs are vital in web design and digital marketing.

In the end, your blog is for communicating with an audience. You want to inform, engage and even convert them. Text is great, but images are what make the difference.

So if you want a sleek new look that attracts audiences and makes sharing worthy of the effort, graphics are your foolproof answer.

We’re not all graphic designers though. I’m certainly not.

It can be a huge challenge to constantly have unique, fresh designs for your blog or website. This is why design software is now an integral part of the marketers toolkit.

Want to know how I designed all of the graphics for this post?


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6 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Important to Your Blog

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